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NEMECO was founded in 1995 to give consumers on the go all-natural beverages in an individual format. From the start, NEMECO was an innovator with its launch of TREETOP, the first 100% fruit juice in a 33cl can. From 1997, TREETOP was a huge success, filling a need for customers who wanted to eat and drink healthy. Today NEMECO is the market leader and a trusted partner to vending and take away companies. Following strong consumer demand, NEMECO sold more than 25 million units in 2010.​


Other natural products complete the NEMECO range :

  • Nu smoothie, the first flash pasteurised smoothie brand with a long shelf life requiring no refrigeration. It is made in France and was launched in 2009. 

  • Nu bio, a 100% natural fruit juice, made in France. Pesticide-free, made with fruit from the best organic farmers.

  • Tao Pure Infusion, delicious drinks that subtly combine a tea, a flower and a fruit.

  • Tao Organic Tea Energizer, an energy drink made with tea and natural ingredients from organic farming.

  • Vivaloe, delicious beverages infused with fruit juices and genuine Aloe Vera.

  • San Benedetto, the still and sparkling water brand.


  • In France, Nemeco products can be found in national retail chains, vending machines and restaurants.

  • Internationally, Nemeco products have won over consumers in more than 40 countries, including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Dubai, China and Great Britain.

  •  Nemeco is also sold in the French overseas territories.

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