Italy's favourite water!


San Benedetto mineral water gets its purity from the Dolomite glaciers. 

It has been bottled and sold since 1956 and is the leading mineral water brand in Italy. 
To ensure your body’s essential functions and support physical and mental health, we need to consume a balanced amount of mineral salts in drinking water every day. 

San Benedetto has a unique mineral salt content that helps purify the body and bring it back into balance each day.  

Characteristics: Calcium 50.1 mg/l - Magnesium 29.2 mg/l - Potassium 1.0 mg/l - Sodium 6,3 mg/l - Chloride 2.4 mg/l - Sulphates 4.1 mg/l - Nitrate 7.9 mg/l - Bicarbonate 311 mg/l - Fluoride < 0.15 mg/l

San benedetto's dry residue level reflects a balanced mineral content.

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